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Break through language barriers with LACU.

By LACU, you can contact an interpreter for any occasion. Log in to your account and select the language you need. In seconds, you will be connected to an interpreter. If you have difficulty understanding relatively simple tasks, you can contact the interpreter who can help you free of charge But, if you need to convey important information to people, you can contact the interpreters which are paid for each minute of call. You can buy the credits by going to the upper right corner of the home screen, tap '+' to open the menu options. You can choose one of the options. The purchase price ranges from $1.98(200 points) to $49.5(5000 points).

  • The payment will be by app store method.
  • The communications you can start from free
  • You could buy credits from $1.98(200 points)

What languages are available?

Depending on the availability of the interpreters, interpretation will be available in all the languages.

Choose the language first and then the online interpreter

You can ask for interpretation either from interpreters who answer the calls directly, or from other interpreters whom you can chat via text messages beforehand.

Interpreters who can receive the calls directly are the paid interpreters only, to respond and support properly when you are in immediate need.

However, in general please try to chat with the interpreter via text messages beforehand and after giving them information about the interpretation that you need, talk via video chat.

  • You may find interpreters who can directly interpret and other interpreters who will chat with you first before interpreting.
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Both video chat and text chat are available

If you feel uncomfortable or you have a resistance to use the video chat, you can turn off the camera or the sound.

You can use the text chat only.

You can choose a video chat or text chat

Scenes of Using LACU


2014 09/18
We are testing LACU working with iOS8 now,
You may have difficulty using LACU if you upgraded your iOS to iOS8.
You will be informed officially about the updates of the new version of LACU.
2014 07/24
LACU ver.1.3 new features have been added.
2014 05/21
LACU ver.1.1 has been released.
2014 05/19
Slashgear has published an article about LACU.
2014 05/14
The Bridge has published an article about LACU.
2014 05/02
IT media has published an article about LACU.
2014 05/01
LACU ver.1.0 has been released.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you incur extra internet charges by using LACU?
No. You won't be charged anything extra by using LACU.
Q. Which mobile phones or devices are compatible with LACU?
LACU requires iOS 6.1 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Q. How to delete my account on LACU?
If you would like to delete your account, please contact us at:support@lacu.jp
Q. Can I use LACU for language learning?
LACU vision is to be an interpretation service app, but you may find some interpreters who are interested to teach you their languages. You’d better check first with interpreters.
Q. What happens if my call is disconnected?
If the call gets disconnected you can try another call by dialing the same interpreter.
Q. Who uses LACU?
Registered people who need to communicate with those who do not have a language in common and need interpreter.
Q. How to get LACU points?
In the upper right corner of the home screen, tap ‘+’ to open the menu options. You can choose one of the options. 100 P= $0.99. The payment method will be app store payment method.
Q. What if the paid interpreters had an inappropriate behavior?
You can get the points back if you notify us immediately after the call.