LACU is a video chat
interpreter app.

When you have trouble understanding foreign cultures,
or communicating foreigners because of the language barrier, just login to LACU.

There are wonderful world, culture, and people waiting for you.

Get lacu app for
free on the App Store

Available on the App Store

Available for iPhone 4s,5 Supporting OS:iOS6,7

About LACU

A smartphone app LACU enables you to communicate people in the different countries
without the language barriers through its video chat interpreters.

Language barriers with LACU interpreter



Because it is a real-time human
interpretation,you can communicate well.

LACU is not an audio analysis interpretation app.
It’s like carrying interpreters in your smartphone.
You can surely enjoy a conversation
by video chatting with them.


Either FREE or PAID,
the choice of interpreters is yours.

The choice of interpreters is yours.
If it’s just a light conversation, choose a FREE interpreter.
For a heavy conversation, choose a PAID interpreter.
The first 15 seconds is free.


Advance payment is available from US$1.98 -.
Credit card registration is not necessary.

LACU employs prepaid point system.
You can start casually
with the minimum amount of US$1.98.
Payment is easy via Apple Store.
No need to register your credit card details.


When no interpreters around, push “notify”

When no favorite interpreters around, push “notify”.
Interpreters will come online.


  1. Log-in
  2. Interpreters-Language
  3. Users-Language
  4. List of Interpreters
    List of Interpreters
  5. Interpreters
  6. Video Chat
    Video ChatHello こんにちは

Best use when you…

  • In overseas,
    I want to go to local
    favorite restaurants.
    Who should I ask?
    Which menu
    should I order?
  • I want to communicate
    with my precious
    foreign friends,
    to get to know more
    about each other.
  • I want to take local buses
    and trains in overseas.

    But I don’t know
    what to do to pay a fare.
  • I have an unexpected
    stomach ache in overseas,
    but I can’t understand
    their languages and
    can’t even buy medicine.

    What should I do?
  • Foreigners come to
    my shop.
    I’d like to explain
    about the products,

    but we can’t

When you face the language barrier,
why don't you just login to LACU?

You will find wonderful world, culture, and people
you never seen before.